My Family

Sarah and I were far from high school sweethearts, but friends from school nonetheless. We started dating in 1998 and conquered the stereotype that long distance relationships don't work. Sarah was living in Queensland and I resided on Suplejack downs station in the Northern Territory. We saw very little of each other in those early years, but clung to what we knew was a good thing.

Sarah and I both gained employment at the Tanami goldmine in 99/2000 but a miner's life wasn't for us. Sarah went on to become an enrolled nurse and later a registered nurse, I tried my hands at almost anything from running a stock camp and feedlot, running my own timber cutting business and working as a slaughterman.

We married in 2004. I started work on the blast crew at Saraji mine and later became a licensed shot firer and Sarah went on nursing.

Mid 2005 we moved out to Suplejack Station to start a family and set down roots on the land.

March 2006 we welcomed our first son Braxton, after an exciting 110 km drive at midnight to the closest hospital (Alice Springs).  Six days later he was bouncing around the front seat of a land cruiser while mustering cattle at Milton Park. Due to an extended wet season we returned home to Suplejack six weeks later. Without a choice, it didn't take him long to adapt to living in the bush. Within two years I had a regular little shadow whether we were tailing weaners, doing bore runs or right in the middle of a contract mustering plant Braxton was always there.

Not to be outdone his younger brother and our second son, Lawson came into our lives halfway through a two-day Rodeo and a 175 km drive to the closest hospital (Alice Springs) in March 2008.  He endured the 735km drive home at just 6 days old.

With our two sons firmly placed on the ground our lives couldn't get much better.  However in September 2008 we were forced to face life in a different light, as our lives were thrown into turmoil when I was involved in a helicopter accident.  Braxton was 2 and Lawson was 6 months old. 

"Today is a gift that is why it is called 'The Present'!!"



          "My Beautiful Wife Sarah and I"                               "Braxton and Boo" & "Lawson and I"