Suplejack Downs Station

Suplejack Downs Station was originated in 1964 by my grandparents Bob & Lillian Savage. It was named after a drought resistant desert tree called the Suplejack tree. My grandparents bred a predominately Shorthorn heard for 30 odd years before introducing Brahman's in the early 90s. My parents Bill and Letty Cook joined the partnership in 1997, introducing myself and three young siblings Brad, Cam and Loretta to the real heart of Australia.  My family continued on from my Grandfather's lead in creating the ideal crossbred beast. This gives us the ability to target both the live export trade out of northern Australia and the domestic market in South Australia. Suplejack boasts 8000 head of Brahman X Shorthorn cattle.

It didn't take long for the addictive wide open spaces to start running through my veins. The adrenaline that flows with large musters and yard work as we make our way through the cattle season is something that has to be experienced firsthand.

Suplejack is often referred to as being situated in the Northern Tanami, Southern Kimberley, Eastern Pilbara and Middle of nowhere. We have no adjoining neighbours and the National Geographic refers to it as Australia's most isolated cattle station.

Over the years Suplejack's cattle have topped the sales over the scales, carcass competitions and in the show arena. Four generations of my family have grown up on Suplejack Downs and every child has learnt to ride horses, muster large mobs of cattle, drive vehicles and adapt to living in the bush often before reaching school age.

We muster 2 rounds throughout the cattle season and every weaner is tailed on horseback before being segregated. Our heifers are either kept as replacements or sold and our steers are generally sold between 250 kg and 350 kg to the live export trade in Indonesia. We use horses, motorbikes, utes, helicopters and Gyrocopters to muster the first round and we use trap yards at our watering points for the second round.

Our typical watering points are bores with an average depth of 90 feet, pumped by a mono into a turkey nest (man made dam above the ground) and gravity fed to troughs. We also use windmills and larger dams to water our stock. We have over 250 km of fencing on the property and majority of that is solar powered electric fencing using to hot wires and two barbs. We also have over 50 km of laneway's to our main yards. On the western side of the station we have three main lakes that hold surface water for up to 4months of the year. In the past we have employed stock man but as a rule Suplejack is family-owned and operated.


                      "The Sky's the Limit"                                "Me and my Dog Ruby in the Cattle Yards"