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June 2011:  Interview with Rob Cook (ABC Landline - Prue Adams)

June 2011: Rob Cook finally makes it home (ABC Rural - Caddie Brain)

June 2011: Australian Farmer Rob Cook (Radio New Zealand National - Jim Mora)

June 2011: Wheelchair cattleman wins his battle with the Tanami Desert (ABC Rural - Caddie Brain)

June 2011: NT Country Hour Pod Cast (NT Country Hour - Stacey Milner)

June 2011: Cooks Tanami Dream Ends in Alice (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

June 2011: Rob ready to roll into the Red Centre (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

June 2011: Quadriplegic Farmer ends wheelchair desert trek (ABC News - Monique Ross)

June 2011: Rob Cooks Tanami Desert Challenge (Nuffield Australia's Official Website)

June 2011: Outback Character (Landline - Prue Adams)

June 2011:  Desert wheelchair trek hits halfway mark (ABC News)

June 2011: Dingoes, roll-over and planking... all in a week on the Tanami! (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

June 2011: Cooks Tour of the Tanami (The West Australian Regional - Lauren Celenza, Countryman)

June 2011: Rob Cooks Tanami Trek (Accidently Outback)

June 2011: A Song for Rob Cook (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

May 2011:  Wheelchair trek begins across Tanami Desert (Efficient Farming)

May 2011: Wheelies Across Tanami (NT News - Meagan Dillan)

May 2011: Injured Cattleman Crosses Tanami (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

May 2011: Rob Cook talking on the Tanami Track in a wheelchair (ABC Rural - Margo Foster)

May 2011: Tanami Trek Contiunues (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

May 2011: Brave Robs Epic Backyard Stroll (NQ Register)

May 2011: One Man with One Aim (QLD Country Life - Rose Glasser)

May 2011: Rob Cook Conquers Corregations to Cheer Maroons Home (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

May 2011: Wheelchair trek across the Tanami (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

May 2011: Wheelchair trek begins across Tanami Desert (ABC Rural)

May 2011: Farmer Tackles Desert Trek in Wheelchair (ABC News - Monique Ross)

May 2011: Rob Cook Takes on the Tanami (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

May 2011:  Guestroom - Rob Cook (ABC Darwin - Kate O'Toole and Miranda Tetlow)

April 2011:  Rob Cook - the adventure continues (Accidently Outback - Paula Doran)

March 2011: A man on a mission - the quadriplegic cattleman (ABC Rural - Sarina Locke)

March 2011:  Rob Cook rides the Tanami track - In his power wheelchair (Rolling Rains Report - Scott Rains)

March 2011:  Helping disabled farmers back to work (ABC Rural - Sarina Locke)

March 2011:  Cattleman goes oversea to learn to help disabled farmers (ABC Rural - Sarina Locke)

February 2011: My Outback TV Emag (Jan/Feb Issue - 16.38MB to download)

February 2011:  Rob Cooks Nuffield Adventure Begins (Accidently Outback - Paula Doran)

January 2011:  Rob Cook - Nuffield Australia 2011 Scholarship Winner - (Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars)

November 2010:  Can't keep a good bullrider down (Accidently Outback - Bessie Blore)

November 2010:  The man who keeps on giving (Accidently Outback - Paula Doran)

July 2010:  Suplejack Rob Cook an inspiration (NT Cattlemans Association - Cattlenews)

May 2010:  New Life for former rodeo rider after chopper crash (Alice Springs News - Kieran Finnane)

December 2009:  Injured cattleman arrives home (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

August 2009:  Cattleman Rob Cook returns to the Territory (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

June 2009: Rob Cooks Fight to return to Suplejack Station (ABC Rural - Carl Curtain)

Oct/November 2008:  ASRA - Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association Forums

October 2008:  Family prays for miracle after helicopter crash (NT News - Rebekah Cavanah)