One man one wheelchair one aim.    

Rob on the Tanami DesertDue to the extent of my injuries from the helicopter crash, I need to raise financial support to help with the additional expenses that I will have while abroad  completing my Nuffield Scholarship. I couldn't think of a better way to raise money then to take a stroll in my own backyard.  I will drive my wheelchair from the homestead of my family property 'Suplejack', on 23 May 2011. I have estimated my travelling speed at 6 km an hour and I plan on being in the saddle for 6 hours a day averaging 36 km a day .I have allowed 24 days to complete this fundraiser, which will give me a couple of 'down days '.

The notorious Tanami Track starts just north of Alice Springs.  It cuts its way 1000km along the Western side of the Tanami Desert, ending at Hall's Creek, WA.  My family station is situated 640 km North of Alice Springs on the Tanami Track and then a further 90 km East towards Katherine. Making it Australia's most isolated cattle station.  There are a couple of other reasons behind my 730klm Challenge.  Firstly I want to prove to my sponsors and myself that I have the determination and commitment to this project, secondly to motivate others in similar situations as myself and thirdly to become the first quadriplegic to ever cross the Tanami Desert from the seat of a powered 4 x 4 wheel chair.